The Four Women Who’ve Accused Donald Trump of Rape


Jane Doe was 13 years old when Donald Trump tied her to a bed and raped her. She begged him to wear a condom. He responded by violently striking her in the face and screaming he would do whatever he wanted. She asked what would happen if she were to get pregnant, at which point he threw $100 dollar bills at her and screamed that she should “get a fucking abortion.” witness affidavitJane’s rape was witnessed by Tiffany Doe, who has signed a sworn affidavit confirming her testimony.  Jane and Maria Doe (who was 12) were forced multiple times to perform oral sex on him. After one incident, Trump zipped up his pants, physically pushed the minors away and “angrily berated them for the quality of their performance.” Jane, now 34, filed a civil lawsuit in California in April, which was thrown out because she had filled out the wrong paperwork, without the aid of a lawyer. This week she filed a Federal lawsuit in New York.

Trump is a co-defendant in this lawsuit along with Jeffrey Epstein, a known pedophile playboy and convicted sex offender who has already served time for soliciting minors. Trump and Epstein had argued over who was to take Jane’s virginity. When Epstein found out Trump had “popped her cherry”, he became so enraged he brutally attacked, raped, and sodomized Jane while beating her with closed fists.

Jane and Maria had been lured to Epstein’s house with promises of a modeling career and then kept as “sex slaves” for “sex parties” at Epstein’s house between June and September 1994. They were warned on more than one occasion by the two powerful men that if they ever revealed the details of their sexual and physical abuse, both they and their families would be physically harmed if not killed. Trump specifically threatened Jane (in front of Tiffany) that if she told, he would make her “disappear” like 12 year-old-Maria. Jane remains traumatized by the abuse. Since Trump launched his campaign and received mass media coverage, she has been “subjected to daily painful reminders of the horrific acts.”

Trump Epstein commentsTrump has said of Epstein “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. He likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Asked under oath if he had ever socialized with Trump in the presence of underage females, Epstein pleaded the fifth.


During their 1991 divorce, granted because of Trump’s ‘cruel and inhuman treatment’ of her, his ex-wife Ivana claimed in a sworn deposition that he raped her in 1989. He’d become angry over painful scalp reduction surgery he was having in an attempt to deal with his hair loss. The encounter was detailed in Harry Hurt’s book “Lost Tycoon.” Ivana assault ivana assault 2Ivana’s divorce included a gag order hat keeps her from talking about her marriage to Donald Trump without his permission. It is surmised he purchased her recant, as she later said “I referred to this as a rape, but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.” Ivana’s lawyers claimed Trump verbally abused and demeaned Ivana so as to obtain her submission to his wishes and desires, as well as humiliated and verbally assaulted her.


Jill Harth filed a lawsuit in 1997 accusing Trump of sexual assault and attempted rape. Jill and her boyfriend George Houraney were Trump’s business associates.. Upon meeting Jill, Trump told George, “There’s going to be a problem.  I’m very attracted to your girlfriend. I am going after her.” On multiple occasions, Trump made unwanted advances including groping Jill under the table during business dinners. Trump repeatedly and aggressively propositioned her for sex.

In one incident, Trump forcefully removed Jill from a public area and forced her into his daughter Ivanka’s bedroom in an attempt to have sex with her.  He forcibly kissed, fondled, and restrained her from leaving, against her will and despite her protests.

Her lawsuit states that Trump violated her physical and mental integrity when he touched her intimately without consent , leaving her emotionally devastated and distraught.


Trump-with-IvankaTrump is known to carry lust in his heart for his daughter Ivanka. He told Rolling Stone last year “she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . . ” He said on The View” in 2006 “she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” ivanka rolling stone quote

ivanka quoteHe also bragged to Howard Stern in 2003 that Ivanka has “the best body.” He once asked Miss Universe “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?” Miss Universe said “She’s 16. That’s creepy”


The New York Times conducted 50 interviews with dozens of women who worked for Trump, revealing a pattern of “unwelcome romantic advances, unending commentary on the female form, and unsettling workplace conduct.” Trump’s misogyny demonstrates rampant cruelty, violent impulses, a thirst for revenge, and an absence of compassion. In the early 90’s he told New York magazine: “Women, you have to treat them like shit.”


Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump.  Hardcover – May, 1993 by  Harry Hurt III (Author)

[i] Not her real name


61 thoughts on “The Four Women Who’ve Accused Donald Trump of Rape

    1. “Alleged” means “someone has claimed”. Unalleged cases would mean “no one has claimed he has done anything”
      I think that, like many people, you have been tricked into thinking “alleged” means something like “has no supporting evidence against them”. That is not true.
      Alleged simply means that the accusation exists. Criminals, even ones with hundreds of witnesses to their crime, are called alleged criminals by the press up until their conviction.
      I guess you could be saying that if there’s actually been a criminal conviction against him, he cannot be president,but even after a conviction, it doesn’t mean the crime has become unalleged, it means the allegation has been proven.

      1. Yes , he is in the Alleged stage and at this time in his campaign he may be protected from any legal proceedings against him until after the election .I am not sure , I have to look it up . I will tell you though ,I read the testimony and it senior rang so true to a repeated experience I had with someone when I was young. You can not make this experience up. First they forcibly use you and then make it all your fault. Watching trump on his stage , this behavior is no surprise. His comments about his daughter are appalling and if you keep your blinders on because trumps said the media was going to accusing of things , if you follow him or anyone blindly with out question , or exploring the possibility, truth then you will get what you allowed . These story’s have a consistency and his behaviors are also consistent with his pathological nature . He is a sick man .

  1. Another Bill Cosby….starts out slow and then an avalanche – wait and see – pos – and all those supporting this grand whiz….

    1. Let’s be rel here…do you all actually think TRUMP is going to be held accountable for his perverse actions? Hell to the no. They had no problem shredding Cosby’s life, yet the American people accept a pervert as their president… Double standards at it best

    1. Patti – you seem pretty sure of your assertion that these are lies. Why are you so sure? How would you know? What I think is that Trump would sue if he thought he had a hope in hell of winning the suit. But he hasn’t. He hasn’t addressed these issues at all. I wonder why, don’t you?

      1. Excellent Point Katherine because Trump has sued like 3000 people. I dont know if its true or not I wasnt there. But if your voting for trump YOUR A FREAKING MORON. It Means your uninformed and would love to debate a person like this but they would be to stupid to know they got beat. Im a 55 year old white male. And would really think its time for a female President. But in this case it has nothing to doe with race or sex or religion Hilliary is 1000 times smarter and a much better candidate. Trump is a dope. Im a fighter who has fought in his casinos in the 90’s and I know we were always charged for BS that we were never charged for at other venues. But thats just personal experience. Its fine if you dont find or believe these woman without the proof. Use that same logic when it comes to religion. Religion you can believe in. But Science is FACT.

      1. How do you know? That’s what was said about Juanita Broaddrick, that she was just a liar. But the congressional committee that heard her testimony called it very credible. I’ll bet you thought so too. Don’t sell your soul for a fool who claims never to have sinned and so needs no forgiveness from his maker. There is an eternity you will be denied for selling out to a man so clearly under Satanic influence as is Trump. If the accusations are true, Donald Trump wouldn’t dare file suit, all his dirty little secrets would be exposed in court proceedings, compelled by the rules of discovery. My best guess… Trump threatens suits to rattle his saber, but that’s as far as it gets because in a lawsuit he invites exposure of HIS crimes.

    2. I too would like to know how YOU know these are lies? What if it IS truth. It’s a known fact that Trump ran with this “Epstein” character… If this can be proved in some way, it’s all over. I personally hope the girls do NOT approve to being bought off for a change.

    3. Trump can’t sue, given that there are facts. He paid off Jill Harth and yet her lawsuit can still be found on line. We always pay and settle out of court when we are innocent?
      It is true about Ivana as well, she stated it during their divorce and later recanted, and said I should of just said it was rough sex.
      He is slime but thinks he can buy his way out. It’s worked for him. But no way is he going to be President.

    4. and you know this how? This guy has lied and cheated throughtout his life,but you believe him over his victims. Sorry honey, but there are witnesses to many of these actions. Cosby tried the same defense as did roman catholic priests

    5. Dear Patti. You would have to recognize the misogynistic tendencies (to put it kindly) that Trump has openly displayed throughout his life, to be able to understand that not only is it not surprising that Trump is a rapist, it makes terrible sense. Are you implying also the his wife Ivana lied when she said her raped her? A violent sexual assault is also known as ‘rape’.

    1. Harry Jones, I would like to hear about your fight charges. I’m sure more people would join your conversation after being charged for bringing business to the casinos. How people are treated matters. Especially when performing a service that benefits Trump to then to be charged for things no other venue requires shows how even when willing to work with D.T. means little. I am assuming the casino makes money off of wagers for your fight? Tickets for the event, items purchased, parking, & bringing crowds for more gambling would be part or all of DT’s take, right? I’m confused as to why you wouldn’t be treated as a guest.


      1. Bill ain’t running, but he might well be deeply involved in her presidency (if it happens)…she covered for Bill, with her own political ambitions in the offing. For that reason, alone, she didn’t divorce him. NOT at all a fan of Trump, but this, too, is a part of a possible scenario, and not a pretty pic for the American public!

    1. Strange response…I thought we were talking about Donald Trump here? I’ll entertain your lunacy for a bit though, the stuff you’re saying justifies Donald’s rape lawsuit by comparing it to Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton’s sexual “affairs” differ greatly from this accusation because Bill’s were all with ADULT women…and most were consensual affairs, in Lewinsky’s case, initiated by the females. These were young girls, just ages 12 and 13. It’s absolutely silly to compare these two things. It’s like apples and oranges. If this WERE Bill Clinton, you’d likely be the first in line screaming to cut off his private parts, right?

  3. It looked to me like there were several mainstream media citations at the end of the article (those would be the lines in blue that take you to the mainstream media articles that are cited in this report when you click on them).

  4. Trump is a mentally sick man. The article from Neuroscientists and Psychologist state Trump is a Textbook Narcisist. The took his speeches and compared them to other Narcisistic World Leaders.

    1. Just his resting facial expression is cold and calculating, most of the time he looks petulant. This tells you quite a lot about the man. Examine his business practices, he has a proven, documented history of being a non-payer, both of suppliers and his own workforce. Examine the damage he has done to the home owners in the vicinity of his projects (take a look at Scotland and that ruddy golf course for starters). Examine his actions: he openly mocked a disabled journalist for the cameras, if you want someone for president who is that calculatingly and NEEDLESSLY CRUEL… I think you need to take a good long look in the mirror and question what kind of person you are. Then we come to the comments that he has made about his own daughter. Documented, recorded. If you don’t find the comments about her looks and how he wants to be dating her inappropriate, again, I suggest you take a long hard look at your own moral compass, perhaps with the aid of a psychiatrist. The Jane and Maria Doe case has been filed in court. Since the penalties for perjury are severe, and the hell that these young women will be put through as Trump’s legal team will seek to destroy them in court, you can be damn certain that there is some kind of case to answer here. The fact that Donald Trump is the acknowledged friend of a pedophile, a CONVICTED pedophile, and has made statements that show he was well aware that this man had sex with underage girls, you do have to ask yourself, in a calm, rational sort of way, what is the more likely scenario, that every woman from his first wife, to anonymous teenagers, are lying when they say the man is a vicious abuser… or that he is, in fact, a really, really, really nasty piece of work who will destroy America. He does not know your constitution. Nor does he care, or he would have done something to study it before now. If he wins, he’s going to study it then… NOT GOOD ENOUGH. He knows zip about Foreign Policy. If you really think that is acceptable either, (it isn’t) you are the one with the problem. If he wins, they will give the man nuclear launch codes. Are you really prepared to have a petulant narcissist, with a penchant for hate, and NO SOCIAL CONSCIENCE, able to kill most of the world at the push of a button? And please do not give us the old canard about how Congress and the Senate will control him. He is not controllable. That much is abundantly obvious. By the way, this is not fear talking, this is rational concern based on what can be proven. Please, if you love your country. If you value human life. Do not give that man a victory.

      1. It is chilling to imagine that nearly 40 percent of this country is witless and gullible enough to not see what he keeps doing and saying and proving he is mentally unbalanced, a sociopath, and fully and utterly unfit. The ghost writer of his first “Art of the Deal” book has come out to say he is so horrified by the trump train running so far down the track that he is deeply worried and apologetic for ever helping him look like someone he is not in that first book He witnessed, up close, all of the inability to focus, the lack of interest in learning or engaging in serious, lack of any complex, critical thinking, the constant need for approval and status vs substance, grotesque immaturity, misogyny, and on and on . He has been quoted far and wide about telling folks — actually, “warning” is better — that dt is NOT a good businessperson, NOT a good anything and is just a really bad man. Now little donnie is tweeting at 3 am in a delusional rant about a woman he abused. Always trying to just decimate the person who points out the truth — in sad, desperate attempts to reduce their credibility. Classic schoolyard bully stuff. However, this is not the schoolyard. This consummate UGLY American is humiliating us on a global scale. Even his former advisors have formed organizations to help elect HRC. His policy office in Wash DC was disbanded and dissolved because (big shock!) THEY WERE NOT PAID AS PROMISED. It boggles the mind that anyone can even pretend to support this hating, awful empty suit.

      2. Excellent commentary!
        I believe Trump to be an insane PRICK! He believes everything is his for the taking and any US laws do not apply to him. Unless this case is postponed it is suppose to be heard at the end of this month. (October). I’d love nothing more than to see him publicly shamed, and stoned to death in the middle of Times Square, if this is in fact found to be true. I’ll go with alleged for the moment, but feel by looking at him and his actions he is a dispicable, non caring, racist bigot, lusting after his own daughter, and something in me believes there have been boys. Call it gaydar. His hand movements, his actions, and just him in general looks to be the biggest pervert alive, and would not let anyone’s innocence go unsoiled. It makes me sick to look at him. It’s no wonder he doesn’t sleep at night, he’s probably always having to look over his shoulder. The most disgusting human being on the face of the earth! However, he’s in good company with the other republikkkans, as they all belong in the same camp. Look at Christie, Gulianno, and his holier than thou VP pick, Pence. They are all sickening, disgusting humans, who all feel they are and own the law. I truly hope he rots in hell with Mr Bridgegate himself. Anyone who votes for him should take a good hard look at themselves, evil is as evil does, and thinking there is anything good about Donald Trump, you are sadly not a good reader of people, or of yourself. Two peas in a pod, so to speak.

  5. Trump stated that he could shoot and kill a person on Main Street in New York and his followers would still vote for him for President. According to a few of the comments posted here, Trump could also rape children and those same followers would still vote for him for President. It’s sad there are so many stupid, unethical people in America 😦

  6. How can trump POSSIBLY bring up Bill Clinton’s indiscretions (wait…Bill Clinton isn’t even running for president, and it was Trump who said “leave spouses out???) when he has been accused of this disgusting behavior??????why doesn’t the news EVER bring ANY of this stuff up????? Is everyone so afraid of this man…does he have mafia connections…does he threaten the media? WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS??????? I bet there a LOT of people (Trump supporters – especially WOMEN) who don’t even know about this stuff!!!!!

  7. The question is: why now and in whose best interest that is? It feels like trying to be a politician is the dumbest thing one can do. Thankfully, I’m not an american and, therefore, I do not have to take sides. All these campaigns, lies, accusations and dirt digging are just a terrible example of how nobody gives anything about reality, but only appearances. I noticed this post in reader, but I am currently in Europe, on a trip. I am also grateful that US election stories do not get much attention here. While in Canada, I was so tired of news reporting lies, half-lies, rumors, gossip, all kinds of assumptions and interpretation of as if facts which they quite often weren’t. It’s just too bad, there are no good candidates. It’s most likely, that it is in somebody’s best interest to steer everything in this direction and to make people forget about their current situation and the bitter reality. It is really sad what people have to face, and I would think brainwashing never stops, it doesn’t matter what country or government that is. Truth usually surfaces after some 50-70 years, but it certainly is too late to change the history. The other question I have is: why don’t we ever learn from the past?

  8. Trump’s insistence to show that Bill Clinton was a rapist and sex offender is his not-so-subtle way of saying “he did it, too”. So if Bill Clinton got away with attacking women and paid no political price for it (he was impeached) that means it was ok for DT to be a beast, also? That, as usual, is a child’s argument. He is a 6ft. child in an old man’s body. I found it sad that he whined about not getting enough time. He is just a big baby who hasn’t taken no for an answer his whole life. He was huffing and puffing about, looking like a crazy person during the debate. He looked like he wanted a wrestling match with HRC, as if he wanted to pin her. It was almost comical. What can Alec Baldwin do to impersonate DT when the real thing is so ridiculous? And for those of you saying HRC got down in the gutter too, shame on you. She stayed on point in the face of a crazy loon and showed poise and power by staying presidential in her demeanor.

    How about this? Let’s elect a person who is not a rapist, adulterer, or con artist and leave the family out of it, unless said family is part of a criminal organization such as mafia-type organizations. I’m sure HRC probably did do a lot of “damage control” while her lecherous husband was campaigning, and she also wanted to keep her family together so she did what she thought best for her family. So unless she has raped a woman, man, or child, or is a confirmed adulterer, or has cheated someone out of money they are owed, then she is already ahead of DT in the morals department. Trump can’t win a morals argument, he was a fool to try.

    Any other GOP would have been a better candidate than Trump. GOP’ers, you know this is the truth! The GOP primary voters were stupid to put their trust in this fool. He is a failed businessman who loses money hand over fist. Who loses money in the casino business? The house almost always wins!! Yes he brings out crowds, crowds of loony folks. That doesn’t mean he should lead our country. If you’re a Trump supporter, consider writing in Pence instead of Trump or just admit you made a mistake and get ready for 2020 with a person you and others can respect for real. Ask yourself, will this person elevate our nation and the national dialogue or diminish it?

  9. The video was not a surprise to me, as it is in keeping with his nature. Why any woman or father of daughters would vote for this poor excuse of a man, is beyond me. His history has been one of exploiting people, be it for money or sexual favors. And, it is not hard to find.

    Whether it is bullying people out of their homes, stiffing contractors, employees and co-investors, lying about what people will get out of various deals or attending Trump University (which he has three pending class action suits), making poor business decisions leading to six bankruptcies or failed businesses leaving folks high and dry, or renting his name to developers he has little to do with so they can charge more to unwitting buyers, he has caused numerous folks to lose money and sometimes their businesses.

    He is highly litigious as evidenced by his 3,500 lawsuits per a USA Today article in June, which average out to 1 1/2 per week over his 45 year career. 100 of those lawsuits have occurred since he announced his candidacy last June. If a contractor (painter, dry-waller, electrician, etc.) sues him for back payments, Trump countersues and outguns the opponent with his attorneys.

    Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for him said a few things of interest in an Op-ed piece in the Huffington Post (see link below). He said Trump lies all of the time. His favorite means of stiffing people is to claim bad service which he does often. And, in the attorney’s interview Trump bragged of his sexual prowess and encounters. Wells said he should have seen this as a red flag.

    But, Mark Cuban said something interesting on Bill Maher’s show Friday night. Has any of Trumps business partners, employees, etc. come forward and described what an enriching experience it was to work with Trump?

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