The Racist Roots of Bernie’s Sexist Tree

Bernie Sanders’ most robust group of supporters is white males, labeled “Bernie Bros” by the Atlantic, and described as “flustered, shouting, white guys.” polithilThe Bernie Bros are predominately young, white, liberal males who’ve demonstrated a pattern of sending derogatory and misogynistic messages to Clinton supporters (or anyone who disagrees with Sanders.) BernieBros express their grievances with Hillary in sexist ways mostly through their sanctimonious, lecturing, hectoring tone. A BernieBro is certain that you are not voting for Bernie because of your own willful ignorance. Their patronizing condescension mirrors the communicative weapons usually wielded by their ideological foes – those who diminish, demean, and infantilize women.

Bern The Witch
bernthewitchIn October, an event called Bern The Witch was created on Sanders’ official campaign website. The event stayed on his official site for five months, until it was removed in March. During this time, the hashtag #BernTheWitch was used. The organizer of the event holds no remorse for the sexist, gendered slur in his event title, and said “We’re gonna burn her at the ballot box”. Bernie himself may not have known about this event, but it does not excuse him from accountability. There is no counterpart on Hillary’s campaign because there are no events organized around disparaging Bernie based on his gender. If we hold Trump responsible for his supporters’ racist conduct, should we not be allowed to argue that Bernie is setting a tone for character attacks on Hillary like this one?

Bern The WitchThe word witch carries the baggage of anti-woman historical violence. There were no male witches burned. Burning was the preferred method of killing these women because it was considered more painful. Between 40,000 and 50,000 women were murdered because of witchcraft allegations.The word witch is a sexist, gendered slur & inherently carries the anti-women historical violence associated with it.

Bern The Witch TweetThe first woman to run for President of the United States, Victoria Woodhull, was also called a witch. That was in 1872. Why are gendered, sexist slurs still used 144 years later? Because they work. A 2010 study found that sexism directed at women in politics actually hurts them at the voting booth, as does ignoring the slurs instead of calling them out.

“Ffuck her reviseduck Her”
At a Trump rally in Chicago, Sanders supporters passed out free buttons saying “Fuck Her”, using the “H” from Hillary’s logo. They were also distributed at Bernie’s appearance in North Carolina. This is a symbol of our rape culture, where sex is portrayed as violent and violence is seen as sexy.

BernieBro Rage Pivots to Elizabeth Warren
When Bernie lost the Massachusetts primary, a BernieBro recommended rage be directed at Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has yet to endorse either Democratic candidate.  Senator Warren subsequently recorded over 9000 threats on her Facebook page.

By not opting to endorse their candidate, she was treated as a Warren Attacks man 1pariah who betrayed some imagined cause. As Maurice Cunningham, a UMASS professor said, “It isn’t Sen. Warren’s place to throw a life line to the Sanders campaign.”

Warren Attacks man 3For not endorsing Bernie, Elizabeth Warren was subjected to vitriolic hatred.

Excuse Me, I’m Talking
Excuse Me Im TalkingDuring a Presidential debate, Bernie interrupted Hillary by wagging his finger in her face and saying “Excuse Me, I’m Talking.” This is sexist for many reasons. First, double standards apply. If a woman tried to shush or interrupt a man in this fashion, she would be skewered by the press. Second, interrupting and over-talking happen as the result of a difference in gender rules. Women know it is rare to complete a whole sentence without being interrupted by mansplaining in a condescending or patronizing manner. Bernie interrupted Hillary three times as often as she interrupted him.  He is Excuse Meepitomizing what we’ve been socialized to accept: that male speech is more important or should dominate. Girls are taught to listen politely and boys are taught to speak their mind. Parents are  twice as likely to interrupt daughters as sons. Disruptive speech is used to establish dominant masculinity. Even male actors engage in more disruptive speech and garner twice as much speaking and screen time as their female peers. In the workplace, women find it difficult to be heard when they are continually interrupted. Male bosses are interrupted less often than their female counterparts.

The way Bernie repeatedly jabbed his finger in her direction reminded some women of the aggressive way some men invade their personal space. This is not the first time Bernie’s body language has been problematic. His hands were literally in Fox reporter Abby Huntsman’s personal space so much she was forced to push him away:

Does the inability or unwillingness to examine his body language, tone, and actions for hints or indicators of sexism tell us all we really need to know?

Rape Fantasies
rape fantasies
A few decades ago, Bernie published an essay which included the following rape “fantasies”:

A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused. A woman enjoys intercourse with her man- as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.  Do you know why newspapers with articles like ‘Girl 12 raped by 14 men’ sell so well? To what in us are they appealing?’’

rape fantasyThis is problematic on many fronts, regardless of when he wrote it. He  implies that men fantasize about raping women and that women fantasize about being gang raped. Abuse and rape are violent crimes. Women who are “tied up” are done so against their will.  Yet this essay has largely been ignored. Sanders gets excused – because he’s a liberal. Normalizing and condoning sexual violence is not Presidential.

Racist Roots
Bernie is the Senator of Vermont, one of the whitest states. His base has been and continues to be white males. In 1963 he attended the March on Washington. Contrary to popular opinion though, he did not march with Martin Luther King Jr from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. In fact, Bernie’s participation in the Civil Rights movement was brief and localized and effectively ended in 1963.  What has he done since then?  He hightailed it to Vermont, a phenomenon so common it’s referred to as “white flight” (when people migrate from racially mixed to more homogenous regions).

Lauren Burke from The Root pointed out that “Sanders’ record in Congress, which began in 1991 in the House and 2007 in the Senate, is not deep on the type of racial-justice work he’s discussing on the campaign trail today.”  But if you talk to any BernieBro, they will beat you over the head with the infamous picture of Bernie getting arrested as if it proves he found the Civil Rights Movement. As Propane Jane aptly summarized it, “He’s running on a record of civil rights advocacy that can only be believed by people who were not actually there.

While Bernie was Senator for Vermont, the black leaders in Vermont stated they were invisible to him. A civil rights organizer said Bernie was really  dismissive of anything that had to do with race and racism, saying they didn’t have anything to do with income inequality. When he was confronted by Black Lives Matter activists, he fumbled badly at the Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix.

Bernie GhettoIn a recent Presidential debate, Bernie said white people don’t know what it’s like to live in a ghetto and don’t know what it’s like to be poor. When questioned, Bernie doubled down on his comments by saying: “I don’t want to be lectured about talking about poverty, whether it’s white, black, Latino”. This is problematic on many fronts. First, it is inaccurate: most poor people in America are actually white; in fact 8 million more. Second, it reinforces harmful stereotypes. Third, systemic racism impacts far more than poverty. It impacts education, the school-to-prison-pipeline, employment, housing discrimination, and criminal justice. It includes patterns where whites have been enriched by the labor of people of color (like the BernieBros’ demand for black votes). Sanders sees racial inequality as less important than economic inequality and he shouldn’t.

Mississippi BerningDuring the Mississippi primary, the BernieBros created a #MississippiBerning hashtag. “Mississippi Burning” refers to the 1964 murders of three civil rights workers in Mississippi, the subsequent court case, and film of the same name. The hashtag was inappropriate, extremely offensive, and naturally led to outrage.

Bernie continues to alienate the coalition that elected President Obama. He has expressed his disappointment with President Obama for making “weak” deals with Republicans. Paul Krugman wrote that the Sanders movement has a “contempt for compromise,” yet cultivating those relationships is exactly what’s required to navigate legislative deals with a Republican-controlled Congress.

Bernie is running on the platform that money is the root of all evil. He doesn’t recognize or validate the significant oppressive forces of racism, sexism, and prejudice. As Ta-Nehisi Coates from The Atlantic asked, “Why should black voters support a candidate who does not recognize Jim Crow and its legacy were not merely problems of disproportionate poverty?”

The sexist pattern Bernie and his supporters follow of talking down to women as if they just don’t understand is also seen with People of Color. Janell Ross from the Washington Post pointed to the “racial cluelessness, an infantilizing and almost colonial kind of condescension about policy, and a tendency to react to anyone who points that out by supplying even more evidence of racial tone-deafness, self-ordained intellectual superiority and completely open displays of various forms of outright bigotry.”

We’ve come to expect this type of superiority from Republicans, but these are supposed to be progressives! Charles M. Blow from the New York Times also observed their grossly offensive “not-so-subtle, not-so-innocuous savior syndrome and paternalistic patronage.”

The Foundation of Bernie’s Support is White Male Rage
angry white men

The sexism and racism of the BernieBros is fueled by feelings of  dissatisfaction, emasculation and humiliation. These guys refuse to admit they’ve been handed privilege all these years by a world that puts white men on top. Sociologist Michael Kimmel, author of “Angry White Men” calls this “Aggrieved Entitlement.”

A prime example is the “Bernie or Bust” movement to either a) not vote at all or b) vote for Trump if Hillary wins the nomination. Bernie or Bust is a stance based on privilege, since the sexist, racist policies of Trump will hardly affect their white male lives.bernie or bust Over 58,000 people have pledged to write-in Bernie’s name in the general election if he loses the Democratic nomination. They describe themselves as “Revolting against Plutocracy.” Ironically, in reality, their stance will (as Bill Maher said) “help elect a plutocrat (Trump) who is revolting.”

take ball go home

1 in 10 Sanders supporters think Trump is the next best thing to their candidate and reported being motivated by an anti-Hillary feeling (sexism). These voters were white, low-income men. While Hillary’s supporters are mature adults who openly state they’ll vote for the Democratic nominee, the hyper-masculine combative BernieBros plan to take their ball and go home.

If you consider yourself a progressive, help raise awareness of the sexism and racism we’re seeing on the Left. Talk to your fellow progressives. We need to hold Bernie and his supporters accountable and help them see what they do not: that their sexist, racist behavior has no place in the progressive movement and will only continue to alienate us and push us toward his opponent.


53 thoughts on “The Racist Roots of Bernie’s Sexist Tree

  1. Hi, I’m commenting here to ask whether or not you would allow me as a white male Bernie supporter to address these claims in the comments here. I don’t want to spend a lot of time explaining my view and defending Sanders and his movement if it would not be published here.

    Thank you, and I hope you get back to me soon.

    1. I would suggest if it is done respectfully, no cussing, no name-calling, it would not be a problem. Fair exchange of views. No opponent bashing with hidden language and dog whistles, like ‘she voted for the war in Iraq!’ That one in particular is very long in the tooth. Secr Clinton has admitted her mistake. Move on. Biden & Kerry also voted for the war in Iraq. Sen Sanders has supported appropriations for operations there.

  2. I’ll break this down by section:

    1. BernieBros: I don’t deny in anyway that there has been some sexism among Bernie’s supporters who do tend to be young, white, and male like myself. Senator Sanders has denounced anyone who is sexist in his name, but that is not the most important piece. Sanders supporters do need to stand up to sexism or racism from in their ranks and call it out for what it is, hateful intolerance that should not be found in a left-wing movement.

    That said, the examples you cited don’t really show that there is a prevailing problem. The vast majority of Sanders supporters, while enthusiastic, are not sexist or racist. The “Berniebro” label seem to be an absurd way to attack the most liberal, inclusive men in the country.

    While we are on the subject, there has been some issues with the Hillary Clinton camp as well. Ageism against Sanders has been very prevalent. Think about the number of times he has been described as “old and tired”, an “old coot” or a “curmudgeon”. Attacking someone on the basis of their age is not something that should be tolerated. Another issue that should be brought up is antisemitism. According to the Anti-Defamation League, Whites and Asians have much lower rates of Anti-Semitic attitudes than Blacks and Latinos do. I’m not going to outright claim that blacks and Latinos are anti-semitic for not supporting Sanders but the fact that the voter blocks he has the most trouble with are the ones most likely to hold negative views of his ethnicity does raise an eyebrow. The left can’t hope to raise the standards of living for everyone and fight plutocracy, white supremacy, and patriarchy if we have these divisions within ourselves.

    2. Excuse Me, I’m Talking: I urge you to watch the clip from the debate to see that soundbite in context. He was speaking against an unfair distortion of his record on the auto bailout when she interrupted him. She was the one speaking out of turn in an unfair and rude way. If the reverse happened, I would be equally critical of him. While I don’t in any way deny that women’s opinions are taken less seriously in professional situations this is absolutely not an example of that. If anything, the power dynamic here is in reverse. She’s winning the primary so far, and they both know that. As for the hand motions thing, it’s an unconscious behavior. He should be more respectful of people’s personal space but I fail to see how that shows him to be a misogynist.

    3. Rape Fantasies: That was a dumb essay written nearly 45 years ago, when he was not a nationally prominent figure. He was critiquing restrictive gender roles at the time, not suggesting that rape is in any way a justifiable or good thing. This also does not suggest that Sanders is a misogynist.

    4. Racist Roots: Senators represent their constituencies. Sanders has less of long-term relationship with civil rights organizations because he comes from a heavily white state. This doesn’t excuse his absence from the civil rights movement for many years but it is unfair to assume his a racist because of it. What you fail to add to your piece is that he has responded to these criticisms by releasing comprehensive policy positions on racial justice. In fact, many prominent black intellectuals have come out in support of him including Cornel West and Ta-Nehisi Coates, who has said that he will vote for Sanders but has stopped short of an endorsement. The other examples that you cite such as “MississippiBerning” was obviously out of pure ignorance and not any mistake in judgement. You can’t hold Sanders or even his organization accountable for an error like that as long as it is quickly removed and apologized for.

    5. While intolerance within the liberal movement should be called out and not shielded or ignored, needless attacking of liberal white men is a very bad idea. We shouldn’t be attacking any member of our coalition. This doesn’t mean that we can’t have a conversation about privilege, but it does mean that claiming that,
    “BernieBros,[are] a group of entitled, angry, young, “dissatisfied white males” who feel emasculated and humiliated. These guys refuse to admit they’ve been handed privilege all these years by a world that puts white men on top.” is an unfair and ridiculous attack on allies to the progressive movement. Most Bernie Sanders supporters are critical of white privilege, male privilege, and straight privilege and are not “entitled” or “angry”. Finding a pile of cherry-picked examples to prove otherwise doesn’t make for a very strong or responsible argument.

    As a whole, this essay seems to put Sanders and his supporters under an unfair level of scrutiny that the author does not place Clinton or her supporters under. Sanders is really a unique politician, one with an unparalleled past of fighting for working people and addressing income inequality, climate change, corporate corruption, racial justice, money in politics, and mass incarceration and the war on drugs.

    That is why I support Senator Sanders in his bid for President. Not because I feel some particular hatred towards Secretary Clinton. She is a smart, accomplished woman who would make great president. I just think that her record of being too close to wall street and corporate interests means she might not always have the interests of the average American at heart.

    Thank you for reading to this point and allowing my opinion to be heard. Too many online blogs across the political spectrum are one-sided echo chambers where honest, open discussion and debate is not allowed.

    1. Nearly all whites are racist and nearly all people are sexist. The evidence lies in the way white people and people in general behave and what societal mores are in place. You don’t have to notice that stuff because you’re neither a person of color nor female.

      No election season dominated by angry white men has ever ended well. Think about that.

      1. The dictionary definition of racism is:

        1:a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

        Do you really think that nearly all white people think that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities? All people build up stereotypes of different people but that is not limited to whites. White stereotypes of blacks are more dangerous because whites control power structures but that doesn’t equate to “nearly all whites are racist”

        That claim isn’t even true. Populist movements of predominantly white men before universal suffrage have been positive steps towards egalitarianism. Look back at William Jennings Bryan’s campaigns for the presidency.

        What you should remember to do is look at Bernie’s message and record, not the actions of a handful of his followers. I have yet to see you address or disavow the ageism and anti-semitisim thrown at Bernie.

      2. Hi Dana,

        You’ve made several important points here. Most white supremacy and misogyny does go unexamined. Not having to “notice” racism or sexism is indeed a privilege of the white male. Women do not have the option to “not notice” sexism. People of color cannot “opt out” of racist triggering. And your last sentence is both true and sobering.

        Thanks for commenting!

    2. I don’t believe a word you just said. As one of those who has been on the receiving end of those Bernie bros hatred all you did was share YOUR opinion on how you see things, when the REAL truth is… Some of us have followed BS for years and was I one of the first to defend him. However as the time went by and more insults, hatred, racism and misogynistic words, actions and memes surfaced I have been forced to turn away from anything to do with BS.

      1. Bernie Sanders has denounced any sexism from these people. He is not responsible for it. Don’t let that steer you away from the best presidential candidate this country has seen in a long time.

      2. Hi Reena,

        You’re not alone; many female Hillary supporters began as Bernie fans but were turned off by the very BernieBro actions you describe.

        Thanks for sharing your experience.


    3. Hi John,

      I appreciate your taking the time to consider my article and present your rebuttal respectfully. Sadly, this is not the “typical” response I get from the BernieBros. I wish more Sanders’ supporters were able to debate without attack, as you do. I’ll reply to your points in order:

      1. It’s more than “some” sexism. Many women online have been calling out the BernieBros’ hateful name-calling (some examples I’ve seen: “dense cunt”, “stupid bitch”, etc.). I agree it would be helpful if more Sanders’ supporters called this out. To clarify, my article was not “attacking the most liberal, inclusive men in the country”, but rather highlighting the sexism present in a subset of those men who, by virtue of their sexism, are not inclusive at all.
      Blaming Bernie’s huge problem attracting black voters on anti-Semitism is really problematic. There are many viable reasons why there’s a disconnect; his Judaism is not one of them.

      2. I’ve watched the entire debate and clip many times. The problem is, as you’ve stated, that he “needs to be more respectful of people’s personal space.” The problem with misogyny is that it’s insidious and invisible, often showing up as the feeling of entitlement to control other people’s space, time, body, etc.

      3. Disagree. The fact that he wrote it before he was well known is important as it shows his inner attitudes. I still view this as very problematic.

      4. I can and do hold Bernie accountable. When his supporters make a racially offensive hashtag trend, he needs to disavow these things publicly. Bernie Sanders has a “big black-voter problem” as articulated here:

      5.Again, #NotAllProgressiveLiberalWhiteMales. Just the BernieBros. It isn’t ridiculous or unfair to point out their sexist and racist behavior. I’m glad it doesn’t represent you. But it does represent a large group of men who support him. If you’d seen what I’ve seen in terms of BernieBro online harassment, it wouldn’t seem like cherry-picking to you.

      Thanks for responding and for keeping your comments professional and courteous.


    4. Hi again John,

      Regarding the “dictionary” definition of racism:
      The dictionary was written and updated by white men. This makes it an oppressive force. Especially when its definitions are incomplete or self-serving. The dictionary defines racism as an INDIVIDUAL acting with stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. But that’s not ALL racism is. Many people experience those things, but oppressed people experience all of that AND institutionalized violence and erasure. We cannot turn to the dictionary for real social justice definitions because “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house” (-Audre Lorde).

      Racism is embedded in our systems, which is why a definition of SYSTEMIC RACISM is more accurate. Here are some helpful and educational videos on the topic:
      Systemic racism is privilege + power. It is present in the wealth gap, in education, in housing, in employment, in health care, in mass incarceration and the school to prison pipeline, etc.

      I highly recommend John Metta’s article on the difference between the individual “I” and the system in racism. It’s called “I, Racist”

      Regarding ageism – I agree with you, attacks on Bernie’s age are not appropriate or acceptable.


    5. Hi John

      I thought I would give Bernie a chance, having observed him behind the scenes….really hearing what he states when the public and press are not around, was not impressive. In my gut, I experienced a person who grew up in a poor family where the father was bitter and instead of up lifting his children he enforced his anger and bitterness.

      I grew up in working class blue collar poor, I know this type of behavior in adults first hand. The fortunate side is my father told me I was responsible, but he also taught me the ways of the world, and that there is no utopia.

      As a pre teen, I had the experience of meeting the hippies of the 60’s (many from the University of Chicago), I was not impressed…..all talk, pious and if you were a person from the lower class, boy they let you know it. Your opinion did not count because you were not as enlighten and intelligent as they were. This is the same feeling Bernie gives me, and the dismissive nature of his persona is very strong in person behind the scenes.

      Happy that you think you can put your faith in someone to fix this, sorry because in reality he is just another politician who finally gained an audience. Good luck,

    6. Thank you John for your intellectual response to this. I too feel the same about Hillary and have followed her since 2007 when she ran against Obama and she paints a completely different picture of things now. I just can not trust her. Senator Sanders is on my ticket.

    7. Do you know what happens to a female Bernie supporter who calls out racism or sexist in her fellow Berners? She herself becomes a target for BernieBros (and yes, I use the term to describe those people, male and female, who whitesplain and man’s plain from a place of unacknowledged privilege to women and POC why Bernie really is the better choice for them).

      I have been called a shill, a bitch, a cunt, a feminazi, a closet Hillary supporter, a liar, and a traitor for something as simple as pointing out that no, Hillary didn’t vote for DOMA. And it’s happened in progressive groups and come from people who, until this primary, have seemed fine upstanding members of those communities.

      My own brother has turned on me when I have pointed out that he’s using sexist arguments or that months ago, he would have railed against the idea that he had any business tone policing POC but that that is what he now regularly does himself in his fight for Bernie.

      In other words, while you seem to want to argue that there are a few rotten apples, what I am actually seeing is the mold of sexist and racism and homophobia moving from apple to apple, spreading the disease. Otherwise reasonable people, fed a diet of anti-Hillary propaganda (some of it coming directly from the campaign), are turning into the very people we are supposed to be opposing by backing a progressive in the first place.

      So, sorry, no. That “rotten apples” thing doesn’t wash with this Berner. Perhaps because I am a woman and the same sexist that has been unleashed at Hillary also allows me to be targeted with impunity while you, as a white man, sit untouched and unchallenged.

      1. Laura, thank you for sharing your experience. You’re not alone. So many of us have been on the receiving end of this; we’ve started tagging twitter responses with the hashtag #BernieBroAbuse. This happened when Hillary ran in ’08 and it’s happening now. It’s surprising and disappointing so many “progressive” men can be so sexist.

    8. Thank you for your thoughts, which I (67 year old, white, lesbian, lifelong Democratic voter and second wave feminist) agree with wholeheartedly. I support Bernie because I agree with him on policy issues and respect his many accomplishments as a legislator, and I dislike Hillary greatly, but for the same reasons and no more or less than I dislike and mistrust all the other neoliberal Democrats, male and female, who have led the party away from its New Deal roots down the road of corporatism, militarism and crony capitalism. If I must I will gag and vote for her, but I will already be organizing against the Goldman Sachs lobbyist she’ll appoint to Treasury, the Monsanto lobbyist she’ll put in charge of Agriculture, the next pipeline or trade deal she’ll find irresistible and the next war she decides we need to fight.

    9. You nailed it on every section. Totally what was running through my mind as I was reading the article.

    10. interesting you state HRC might not have the interest of the average American at heart. and you obviously believe Bernie does huh? have you studied economics recently? there are some particular rules in that subject that berbie seems to be ignoring.

      1. the law of supply and demand. the more product available out there the lwer the cost for that product. if you make college free to all, you increase the number of college graduates, thus the psy for those gradyates goes down as it has as the number of colege graduates increases each year.
      2. the law of inflation: the more money that is put into our economy the more the price of things will increase as well as happened in the 70’s.
      let’s get into some other common practices as well here:

      1. those on a fixed income do not receive increases to their income unless the CPI increases and then only after a year of that increase. so if you raise the inimum wage and prices go up who gets harmed the most ? those on fixed incomes – who by the way are not entitled to receive things that low income person are eligible for such as food stamps, housing assistance, and many other social programs available to low income people in the US (apparently if you are already recieiving government assistance you are not entitled to receive anything other than what you contributed to all of you working life expecting to receive when you are either over the age of 65 or disabled.
      the programs mr sanders has pushed for will costs billions of dollars more for our government to pay for, even Mr sanders admits that taxing the rich and corpoations will not cover the cost of his programs (most notably his medicare for all program) The middle class and lower class will have to contribute with their taxes as well. Economists estimate that will be an increase of 2-5 K in taxes more per year.

      so sanders wants to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and then your taxes go up that 2- 5 k per year and takes much of thatncrease you received. add in that prices go up on all of the necessities of survival (food, shelter, utilities, gas, etc.) and that eats away every additional cent you just got with you minimum wage increase and you are still in the lower to middle class where you were before you elected bernie to oiffice.

  3. Bernie’s comment about whites not knowing what it’s like to be poor really angered me. My parents’ hometown is replete with people, particularly retirees, who know what it’s like to be poor; the only things saving them are government programs and multi-generational asset ownership. There’s not much to be said for the latter, though, when you can’t afford to do basic maintenance. My mother lost her parents’ home because of that, so now I will not be inheriting it either.

    I myself lived in a majority black neighborhood for four years and not only have I noticed that racism is a real thing there and elsewhere, but the blowback can hurt white people too. That’s not the most important reason to end racism, but it’s still important. If you live in a neighborhood where the majority population are people reviled by the dominant members of society, then whatever repressive policies are aimed at them will affect you too. Accordingly, when I spent my last year there calling the police repeatedly about the girlfriend-abusing drug dealer in the downstairs apartment who wasn’t even on the lease, I had my concerns dismissed and even almost laughed off. The latter in the case of the abuse I could hear *through my floor* and the cop I talked to on the phone sounded like he was trying not to laugh or scoff, and then no one ever showed up.

    My slumlord knew full well f?!kery was going on downstairs, even asked me flat out if I thought that guy was dealing, and I told him yes, and I told him why. Nothing changed.

    So he lost me as a tenant. But he was white too and could always score a white college-kid tenant with rich parents who could spot him more monthly rent, so what did he care.

    Point is, there I was–a white person, and there was that white dealer downstairs that no one would deal with, and the white girlfriend he was hitting, and this all had consequences because if the address comes up “black neighborhood” the cops don’t take it seriously. This in a city which had a black mayor at the time, mind you, and was near the university where you would think white parents would consider their college student children’s safety paramount. Guess not.

    1. That was a mistake uttered at a debate. Look at his record. He doesn’t really think white people don’t know what it means to be poor. He has spent years of his life fighting for poor whites in Vermont. Poverty is the single greatest problem in American right now and we can’t make any progress there if we don’t address both the economic factors holding people back (corporate controlled economy, media, elections, low wages, expensive healthcare and education) and the social factors (racism, sexism, and other forms of institutionalized bigotry). No candidate has a stronger anti-poverty platform than Sanders.

      It seems to me that as a die-hard Hillary fan, you have decided first and foremost to support Clinton over any other democrat regardless of that democrat’s platform or record. You then looked for reasons to back up your pre-planned idea that Sanders is an inferior candidate. If that really is the case, nothing I possibly say can change your opinion.

      1. My simple wish is that Secr Cinton would be allowed a “That was a mistake uttered at a debate. Look at (her) record.”. It seems so facile for some but she has to battle for every sentence.

      2. I simply can’t get over the fact, early in the campaign, when Bernie literally ran off the stage when challenged by Black Lives Matter.

    2. Hi again Dana,

      I appreciate your sharing what you went through. Your experience highlights the “blind eye” the police take to “black neighborhoods” – another example of our country’s shameful systemic racism.

      Like you, I’m one of the millions of poor white people Bernie discounted. His comments reflect a stereotype, not facts.

  4. Hi, Goddess! FYI, your link to the “Fuck Bernie” button picture doesn’t work. Apparently BernieBros are reporting it and Facebook is removing the picture. I posted it back on March 12, set to “public,” but it’s gone from my photos. The text is still there, but the image is gone. No notice, no nothing. I didn’t hear a word from Facebook. It just vanished. Here’s the post, but the picture is gone…

      1. Hello Goddess Kerri –

        PREAMBLE: I want so much to thank you for posting a piece daring to be critical of Mr. Sanders. I have noticed that any time any writer posts an article critical of Mr. Sanders his supporters instantly flock to it and post anti-Clinton material. It’s rather sad that for the first time in many years we have an incredibly qualified person running for POTUS, and yet her campaign is not being destroyed by the GOP, but by alleged progressives.

        The first time I came up against the “Bernie-or-Bust” types was on my Twitter feed when I asked that people (please) tone it down. I asked this as a Sanders supporter. I was greeted with a photo of a giant penis with words that claimed that HRC was ‘frigid” and in serious need of a good “F@@K” (Pardon my Klingon.) Sadly, the worst and nastiest vitriol came from fellow female Bernie supporters who announced they’d vote Trump before HRC. (That made NO SENSE until I researched a lot more.) Anyway, I was called everything nasty in the book by Bernie supporters. Wow!

        It sure brought back some very fond (NOT) memories reminiscent of gamergate. (The bros come from the same gene pool,after all.) And let’s not forget what the women of the Shout Your Abortion fiasco experienced, even as the MRA insist is all in the minds… My point: I applaud your efforts.

        I feel nudged to add my 2¢, even though, let’s face it, my PoV won’t alter anyone’s perspective. If Sanders’ supporters can demonstrate that he is more qualified than Ms. Clinton – he’ll win my vote! I’m tired of being told I’m supporting Clinton bc of gender. Is that their way of saying they’re voting for Bernie bc of his junk? (When I pose the question, I either get outrage or crickets. How delicious is irony!)

        First, my disclosure. I began in Bernie’s camp, but was quickly alienated by the tenor of the anti-Clinton attacks. Not bc of loyalty toward Ms. Clinton, but bc of loyalty to Bernie whom I felt was hurt by this tactic. I wanted to make FB memes that portrayed Bernie’s plusses, his accomplishments. I wanted Bernie’s visuals that concentrate on the issues. Let’s contrast her resume with his. This campaign is about their records, not who is more popular.

        Well – pretty much about their records…. I do have sexual assault in my history. Finding out that Bernie wrote that article proclaiming that all women fantasize about being gang-raped was disturbing. I’d assumed that idiotic piece was produced by college-kid-Bernie for an underground college newspaper. Discovering he’d published it in his mid-thirties put it in an entirely different light. Discovering his sex fantasies fuse sex with violence was more than mildly disturbing. His attempts to minimize or laugh it off was worse.

        His followers giving him a pass for it isn’t a great comfort, but it’s more disconcerting to dismiss as abnormal those of us who want him held accountable. No, Bernie folks. There will be more than a few people who won’t see this as an “aw, shucks” moment of Bernie the red-blooded-American man’s life. This isn’t just like running across his old stash of Playboy magazines. Had HRC had written anything similar, it would be the end of her career.

        Moving on… Beware! Ms. Clinton’s resume leaves Bernie in the dust. In the beginning,I’d embraced the BS public persona. I expected to see a dazzling CV packed with Sanders’ astounding activities, his fantastic grades, and accounts of Bernie Sanders activism as a student and beyond. Imagine how it felt to discover that his persona was nothing close to reality. Mr. Sanders was, bottom line, a career politician.

        His crowning achievement was…well, there wasn’t one. He’d spent 25+ years selling the BERNIE SANDERS brand. Absolutely true, he’s awesome at working a crowd! He tells folks what they want to hear.

        Ms. Clinton, OTOH, discloses the good and the not-so-good. (see: And no, I’m no fan of Mr. Dershowitz, even though we have similar opinions on a few things.

        I asked myself – if a phone call came in reporting a deadly terrorist attack on an ally – which candidate would be more equipped to deal with it? My answer, my personal choice, would be Ms. Clinton. (Of course, we’ll all disagree about that.) HRC’s got the foreign policy skills, the diplomatic experience, and the familiarity with the law that Bernie lacks.

        How did I get to that place? Oddly enough, it was how Sanders reacted to the PP endorsement. Bernie was enraged. Instead of thanking PP for their consideration, instead of acknowledging Ms. Clinton’s record on bodily autonomy, Bernie took a swipe at PP. Clinton’s devotion to women’s rights is legendary. Attempts to undermining an unassailable point demonstrates strikingly poor judgment.

        It was painfully obvious that Mr. Sanders felt entitled to PP’s approval. In his mind, Ms. Clinton didn’t deserve it, so, he didn’t get it PP is corrupt. (BAD MOVE!) Instead of being gracious and thanking PP for considering him, he acted like a spoiled child who didn’t get his way. It sadly showed he’s NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL. His supporters were equally shameful. I’m sorry to say, there are just some characteristics and traits that cannot be acquired through hard work, and statesmanship and urbanity is just tw of them.

        Thanks for taking the time to consider what I’ve said. 🙂

  5. I should point out that my comments come from a perspective of a nobody supporter and anarchist.

    I think it’s strange to see the debate “Excuse me, I’m talking.” as “Bernie interrupting Hillary.” Hillary was interrupting Bernie many times during the debate and it was his turn to talk. That’s not how a structured debate is supposed to go and Hillary was cutting into his debate time. Pointing out that she rudely interrupted him is not sexist. Though he definitely lost his cool and that’s going to cost him votes.

    I’d be interested to find out the context of the “rape fantasies” essay. It doesn’t read like a letter to Playboy magazine or admitting to his own fantasies, it seems more like an attempt at commentary regarding sexism. Was he supporting that men have such fantasies, or pointing that out as a social reality? Regarding women having fantasies of being raped… it is a delicate thing to mention from his position of power seeing as how it’s easy to make the very offensive implication that women are to blame for such social conditions, or encourage them. Truthfully, many women do have such fantasies of very violent things happening to them. It’s encouraged by our sexist culture and part of women internalizing sexism. Also, our culture of slut-shaming leaves so little room for women to enjoy their sexuality on their own terms that having such fantasies is a way to externalize their desires in a way for which they are “not responsible” for having sex and therefore not a “slut.” Of course, this is all imposed onto women from our sexist culture: So it’s still describing the systemic violence perpetrated by men, even within the fantasies of women. But pointing out that it is common for women to have fantasies of being raped is not inaccurate. But you have me *really* curious as to the context when Bernie said it.

    The “Bernie or Bust” thing can have plenty of reasons that are not rooted in oppression, to say such is to make assumptions that are equivalent to BernieBros assuming Hillary supporters are uninformed. The US has been very violent and imperialist, and the Obama administration has been as war-mongering and terrible as the GWB administration in every way. As Secretary of State, Hillary has supported the devastation in Palestine, annexation of Crimea, destabilization of Syria, devastation of Libya, the massacre and military coup in Honduras, etc. etc. She is walking in the footsteps of her close friend, the genocidal Henry Kissinger. At least Bernie hasn’t proven himself to be a war criminal as of yet.

    1. Follow the links in the article. Bernie has been the worst at interrupting the other candidates in the Democratic debates. He doesn’t have a right to get upset / lose his temper he’s the worst offender. People notice interruptions more, when the woman is doing it, because women aren’t “supposed” to interrupt men while they’re talking.

  6. Regardless of fungible political labels, a culture of victimization rewards its members by allowing them to excuse their own role in oppressing themselves and others. The sad thing is how the political marketability of Plausible Deniability makes it possible for those who, say, after taking a degree at the University of Chicago, COULD choose to be less of a victim, and could adapt in a way that serves both their own principles and “the system”, but chose not to in order to camouflage themselves among those who never had those kinds of options.

    To the extent that the authentically disadvantaged are used to make exceptions for the privileged behaviors of higher-order “victims,” the great evolutionary educator of South America’s poor, Paolo Freire, would say that the more privileged PROFESSIONAL victim justifies his own identification with and internalization of the oppressor, thus making the struggle about him/her -self, rather than about what can actually be accomplished to liberate one’s self from that identification and, hence, possibly also others.

  7. Kerri, before we carry on with this debate I’d like to know what exactly we are discussing. What fact, if I was able to prove it to you, would make you reconsider your negative view of Sanders and support him?

    For me, if you were able to convince me that a President Clinton would be more able to end the influence of money in politics, halt climate change, and reverse income inequality than a President Sanders I would vote for her.

    Ultimately, climate change and wealth inequality are the biggest reason to support Sanders. Climate change is being virtually ignored by a government that has been bought off by big fossil fuel companies. According to a recent NASA study, climate change, resource shortages, and wealth inequality could lead to the collapse of civilization as has happened in the past. A collapse scenario would obviously destroy any progress made in racial or gender equality overnight.

  8. Everyone knows a vote for Sanders is not a vote for any of his abusive supporters. The same is true of voting for Clinton. Latest national poll has him beating her among women, among Latinos, among gay and bisexual people, and among non-black people of colour (As well as among, yes, whites.) And he has 60% of black voters under age 30. So what has Sanders got to do with racism or sexism? Whatever happened to the Obama coalition then? Clinton isn’t keeping it together!

    Why won’t she compromise on policy to neutralise Sanders? You know why. There’s no evidence she is more electable. It can only be to avoid sacrificing the support of the media and donors she’s cultivated so far. Voting for her risks moving the country to the right and allowing the rich and powerful to grow even stronger, which is good for Republicans above all. If it was true the Democrats had to move right in the 90s to get into power post-Reagan, it is no longer true. This is 2016 and not 1992. The country isn’t post-Reagan, it’s post-Great Recession and protecting the right flank isn’t what Dems need to win elections. Leftist and liberal parties have made this mistake over and over in Europe by supporting austerity, allowing the right-wing parties to win. It has already failed to win Democrats Congress time and time again since 1994 and they’re being wiped out at state level. Doesn’t bode well for poor and working women and their reproductive freedom does it?

    Without a strong liberal president to get a full recovery from the Great Recession, succeeding there Obama did not, and to take the fight to the Republicans, political conditions are going to keep deteriorating like in Europe.

    As for the rape-fantasy essay, read it in full. He doesn’t endorse rape fantasies, does he? The essay is about the difficulty people have fitting into gender roles. The clear implication is that rape fantasies are pathological and that healthier, mutually supportive gender roles are needed instead of domination and submission. I hope you aren’t motivated by an urge to condemn sexists into seeing them where they don’t exist.

    If any of you are simply liberals who aren’t very leftish and are scared about what happens to your taxes under Sanders, then say so. If it’s easier to take economic arguments off the table by smearing him and his supporters as sexist then you’re helping produce bad economic policy.

  9. I have had this first had. I have been called a coon by these supporters, boot licking, and one white Bernie supporter asked if I was out nigger vote hunting. And other blacks have let it slide in the name of “the cause”. They give the white men a pass to attack black women. And they only say it to female Hillary supporters. I am sad because after the election it basic has taught them how to be the new racist. And to the blacks that let it slide, I think they need to read Kings letters from Jail. He spoke of the “white moderate” and how his cause will always come first. It is sad.

    1. The “white moderate” King spoke of was suburban centrists who care more about “maintaining piece” than dealing with “divisive” issues. Considering the fact that Bernie Sanders is a self-identified socialist, that is not really what his supporters are.

  10. This article came up in my feed. I think it is just gross. All the most ugly articles I have seen on both of the Democratic candidates use a weird kind of quote bending. It rankles.

    We are going to have to vote for one of the two candidates. At least, if we all agree that the Republican candidates are completely unacceptable, right? This kind of inflammatory writing, I get that it’s trying to sway people to vote a certain way, but it’s doing so by trying to demonize the other candidate. Neither of the Democratic candidates are as awful as the other choices. I wish people would think about how articles like this might cause a person to not vote at all if the subject of them wins the nomination; I find that prospect truly terrifying.

    I find this article gross in its use of very narrowly, carefully selected quotes to manipulate a personal position while removing the broader message of the articles quoted.

    Let’s look at just one section (where at least 2 of the 4 in the ‘Let’s bring it home and hear from the experts on racism’ section are not accurate representations of the essences of the full articles), and contains some downright offensive whitesplaining as the basis of it.

    ‘Let’s hear from People of Color about Bernie’s campaign’

    Is this not a glaringly problematic section title? That PoC are 4 black people….um, they do not represent all PoC. Not all PoC are the same. Not all PoC are African American. It makes it sound as if these perspectives are representative of All PoC. I feel if you are going to use 4 black people to speak for all PoC, at least use quotes to reflect the spirit of the articles they come from.

    Two of the articles the quotes are from speak about how white politicians/people use, and have historically used, black people in pretty shameful ways for political advantage, which is what it seems this post is trying to do.

    You so selectively quotes from Charles M. Blow’s article that talks about how white people use black people in politics…and also contains the quote, ‘It is not so much that black voters love Clinton and loathe Sanders. Indeed, in The Nation magazine, the estimable Michelle Alexander makes a strong case in an essay titled “Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote.” For many there isn’t much passion for either candidate. Instead, black folks are trying to keep their feet planted in reality and choose from among politicians who have historically promised much and delivered little.’

    Blow also quotes Baldwin, ‘“Our people” have functioned in this country for nearly a century as political weapons, the trump card up the enemies’ sleeve; anything promised Negroes at election time is also a threat leveled at the opposition; in the struggle for mastery the Negro is the pawn.’

    The Ta Nehisi Coates quote is also some really narrow quoting. Also, he has publicly announced he is voting for Sanders.…/ta_nehisi_coates_is…

    I find so weird that this kind of stuff slides in some conversations I see non-PoC having with each other about positions of PoC and ‘racist roots’. This is not to say non-PoC cannot write or say meaningful things about racism. It’s just that usually, thoughtful, historically conscious non-PoC anti-racism activists would not write something so glaringly misleading, misrepresentative, not even really about racist roots, intentionally misusing quotes from articles by PoC who speak/write specifically about how black people are (mis)used and not heard in politics.

    This is not helping.


    (Also, I agree with Dam Ski about how this post also misrepresents the essay with the ‘rape fantasy’ quote.)

  11. Bernie supporters seem to assume that Hillary supporters think every criticism of her is sexist.
    In that early debates, Martin O’Malley sharply attacked her. Specific policies. Intense. But I never felt a hint of sexism in the fight; I have no doubt he would have treated a male competitor the same.

  12. Thank you. It’s the exact points I’ve been arguing for months about on FB with my Bernie supporter friends. Had to actually defriend 5 of them (white males ironically) because it got so stupid and mean so fast. It baffles my mind, these are far left people??? I said it in the beginning, it’s thanks to the BernieBro social media movement that Sanders lost. So we have to actually be grateful that even in a divided and victim-centric country, hate STILL looses. Keep up the fight, we got through misogynist/entitled patriarchy “light”, now on to misogynist/racist/patriarchy SUPREME.

  13. The vitriolic comments I’ve received on my Facebook page — even by some whom I used to call “friends!” — simply because I acknowledge my support for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, compounded by the “bern the witch” and “Mississippi berning” slogans, but especially including the Sanders’ campaign’s glib response to the need for gun control, stand as quintessentially nauseating items of any presidential runs, for me. But, I’m particularly saddened by the lack of care given to issues raised above by Ta-Nehisi Coates, of The Atlantic:
    “Sanders’s radicalism has failed in the ancient fight against white supremacy. What he proposes in lieu of reparations—job creation, investment in cities, and free higher education—is well within the Overton window, and his platform on race echoes Democratic orthodoxy. Sanders should be directly confronted and asked why his political imagination is so active against plutocracy, but so limited against white supremacy. Jim Crow and its legacy were not merely problems of disproportionate poverty. Why should black voters support a candidate who does not recognize this?” Yes, I feel violated, as a Democrat, by the passive aggressive presidential campaign that should know better, and would know better, if it wanted to represent any issue, involving sexism and racism, any differently than it does.

    1. I’m a woman, and I’ve been called crazy, unhinged, and all kinds of insults by HRC supporters in the past week. I heard Clinton call Sanders sexist early in the campaign, which infuriated me, and I vehemently disagree. I heard Albright say there’s a place in hell for me for not supporting Hillary Clinton. I’ve been a feminist since I was in college, and I do not trust Hillary Clinton to promote the social justice issues I care about most, because she’s beholden to special interests. Coates supports Bernie Sanders as well:

  14. People, if we don’t get corporate money out of our politics, NOTHING can be achieved unless the lobbyists support it. Sanders is hardly a perfect candidate, when have we EVER had a perfect candidate in this country?.. but he is the ONLY candidate willing to put his reputation and career on the line to fight corporate and lobbyist money in politics. Until we turn off that deluge of money, we can’t expect the average American to have any influence on our political system.

  15. I’m sorry to disagree with you on several issues Dana.
    You mention that Bernie has lost supporters at some point due to whatever reason, when in reality he has never had a drop in polls. On the contrary, it is Hillary’s polls that have consistently dropped. To be frank Dana, all progressive Bernie supporters including me, were Hillary supporters at one point until we realized there was a much better candidate. Bernie Sanders started his campaign virtually as an unknown candidate, and has now won the hearts of the American youth.
    I disagree when you attempt to speak for colored minorities. As a young Latino, I don’t believe it is your place to speak for us, specially by cherry picking a couple of quotes by people of color. There is a huge number of Latinos who support Bernie all over the country, both male and female, including public figures. The majority of Latinos that I know, including my whole family, are Bernie supporters. We are not white and we are not all men.
    I disagree with your when you attempt to make Bernie and his supporters seem sexist and patronizing. Sexism exists both ways. Just look at Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who said that women who did not support women (Hillary) had a special place in Hell. Imagine if a male had said that! Not acknowledging this and being tremendously bias is as dangerous as the sexism you preach against.

  16. This is gender war. There is absolutely no way on earth any rational progressive person could support Sanders. He’s not qualified to be president. The support for him can only be explained because so many on the left have bought into the FOX narrative about a woman who has literally devoted her adult life to doing her best to help people in the whatever ways she had available to her at any particular time. Or even worse: there are a lot of men — and, to my great heartbreak, women — who hate Clinton because she is a woman. Not literally because she is a woman, but unpacking all of the left-side criticism of her, well, it’s hard to find another explanation, her policies were Obama’s. Obama took money from Wall Street — a lot of it. And Bernie is sexist as hell and no one seems to care.

    I am a lefty lady, and I think Clinton could be a great president.

    1. Hillary is not radical enough. I am loathe to vote for her because all evidence points to maintaining the status quo set by Obama. That is, she won’t do enough to address wealth inequality (a $15 minimum wage barely scratches the surface, to install REAL universal healthcare (yeah, I’m on medicaid, I know firsthand how much it sucks), to support Palestinian and other peoples’ (including Native American peoples) sovereignty, to end drone strikes, to stop torture, to curtail capitalism, to abolish prisons, just to name a few. She is just not radical enough. Honestly, Bernie isn’t even as radical as I’d like ’em, but it was a better start than Hillary. It makes me sad that the best reason I have for voting for Hillary is that we have to stop Trump. I don’t just want someone who is going to get on board with immigrants, people of colour, queers, American Indians, etc. just because it is political expedient. I want someone who is going to bat for us every step of the way. Someone who acknowledges that our present neoliberal democratic capitalist colonial system is most harmful to queer, trans*, women of colour, immigrants, non-English speakers, non-degree holders, crips, the Mad, the neurodivergent, the ‘too young’ and the ‘too old.’ I want someone who prioritizes the socioeconomically weakest among us, who makes a point to center their voices and experiences. It’s true that Bernie didn’t go far enough for me, but Hillary is hardly out of the blocks. She has a long way to go. If you want groups of people that include the likes of me to earnestly and vocally support Hillary, you should write her and tell her that she needs to provide more public platforms for the voices, faces, and minds of all the groups that I mentioned above. I want to hear her explain why and how she would better support Mad people, queer of colour violence survivors, ex-felons, undocumented workers, and many other people who are consistently ignored and left out of these conversations. I want her to start thinking about these people and making moves to amplify their voices.

  17. As a feminist who supports Bernie Sanders for President, I hope you have been equally thoughtful and critical of Hillary Clinton’s record and behavior toward women and people of color. I will give this more time after the Primary is over, but as of this moment, I see single payer healthcare, a better foreign policy, a strong critic of police militarization and racism, and a candidate who wants to provide relief for middle class families as the most important opportunity we’ve had to make American lives better and more equal in the U.S.

  18. Hello. African American woman who supported – and continues to support – Sanders here. If I take the time to dissect this article, will you delete it? I can assure you it will not be insulting, but considering the enormous quantity of truly offensive assumptions made here, I cannot promise my anger won’t show through. And please do understand, if nothing else, every time some white Democrat makes the race and gender case against Sanders, they’re essentially dismissing the existence of countless people of color and feminists who support Sanders.

  19. Well…. Thanks for ignoring me. Thanks for ignoring ALL of us.

    Just don’t be surprised when the black folks you use as a giant excuse to ignore what the Clintons did to us in the 90s stop showing up at the polls for all you nice, well to do liberal white ladies.

  20. You didn’t read the original Bernie essay. He was trying to say something about normative gender roles and gendered expectations. He would probably write such an essay very differently now, several decades later. I imagine that a decade or so from now, *you* will want to rewrite this blog post differently. We won’t hold it against you.

    Also, I deeply resent that you call cis white bros Bernie’s “most robust group of supporters.” It is a huge slap in the face to all the queer, trans*, POC, crip, Mad, low-income, undocumented, student supporters, among others. I would also keep in mind that people will often get behind a political candidate because they see that person as representing them when others aren’t. To me, it sounds like you were trying to sway people towards Clinton with this post. Bernie may be a cis white dude, but he has been more outspoken about the need to address wealth inequality, he supports prison reform and reduction, he supports Palestinian sovereignty, he is anti-war, and many other appealing qualities. Instead of giving so much attention to these Bernie Bros, why not look to the queer of colour, immigrant, trans*, crip, feminist, and other folks who organized on his behalf. You’re doing a great disservice to them.

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