White Feminism™ BINGO

White Feminism™ (well defined by Catherine Young) is feminism for white people, not necessarily by white people.  It ignores intersecting systems of oppression (like racism) and centers its feminism around the ideals, struggles, and lens of white women who are typically heterosexual, able-bodied, and middle-class or wealthy. You don’t have to be white or a woman to be a White Feminist™ and not all white women are White Feminists™.

The level of White Feminism™ in popular culture is outrageously high. I’ve noted the recurring themes in the below Bingo Card.  You’re welcome to “play along” and stay tuned for the Snowflake Awards, where I grade the White Feminists™ oblivious to intersectionality in popular culture!

White Feminism BINGO Final


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