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Feminist writing about race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, size, and other intersections of oppression. Critiques of pop culture & politics. Disabled Interfaith Minister addressing Body Positivity, Recovery & Spirituality.



Trump: 4 Women Who’ve Accused Him of Rape

Hillary: Why I’m With Her

Bernie: The Racist Roots of Sanders’ Sexist Tree

Racial Justice:

South Carolina Black Teen Assaulted by White School Cop

What Happened to Sandra Bland?

Removing White Privilege Blinders

Pop Culture:

Bachelor In Paradise: The Allure of the Abusive Man

3 White Feminists™ Win Snowflake Awards

Body Positivity:

Self Confidence Comes in “Plus” Sizes Too!

Chronic Illness:

5 Do’s and Don’ts For Communicating With the Chronically Ill


The Feminist Insult Library: How to Swear Without Being Misogynistic

Feminists Attacked: Harassment, Racism, SWERFs, & TERFs

Why I’m a Feminist Activist & You Should Be Too

White Feminism™

White Feminism™ BINGO

Manifesto to End White Feminism™

Spirituality: The Divine Feminine

Why I’m a Goddess and So Are You


Binge Eating Disorder: How I lost 200 Pounds

Codependence: Breaking To Become More Whole

From Victim to Warrior